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Trip Planner Software

Trip planner software provides your customer an option to select trip and customize the different itineraries of trip. Multiple supporting APIs can be integrated into one single booking system which will give the traveler a complete information about the place. Trip planner software is programed for all kind of travelers, trip organizers and tour operators with different privileges, roles and loyalty programs. Trip Planner’s admin console is developed with very advanced and structured database, which allows super-admin to add different type of trips, trip details, rate plan, route plan and many more.
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Features of Trip Planner:

Advanced Admin Module:

Travel planner has very advanced backend, where admin can manage the complete well defined CRM system. Admin can create multiple sub admins / employee / call center agents who can manage the customer and services. The travel software admin back-end also supports markup management, multiple currency and CMS for static page management.

Trip Organizer Account:

Trip planner software provides admin to create a standalone account for various trip organizers. A quick and auto account set up for all trip organizer. Trip organizers can update their details and add different type of trips, its details, rate plan and also manage the trip booking logs. The facility of auto email reminder and SMS alerts for every booking makes the travel planner very user friendly.

B2C User Account with review and Trip Sharing option:

Unlimited B2C user account with 2-step verification login feature. User can create account, search trip, plan trip, invite friends for trip and book a trip. Advanced rating and review system allow travelers to rate the trip and write review about the trip. User can share the trip with friends on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and other social media accounts.

City Guide Feature:

City guide is a very unique feature for the traveler, which help them in perfectly planning their trip. City guide gives them a complete information about city like, history, origin, culture, different place to visit, pilgrimages and other things to do.  

Geo Location and Weather Forecast:

Your user can track the route, calculate the distance, weather forecast details about the place they want to visit. We integrate the respective APIs to get the live and accurate data in the online booking system.  

Highlights of Travel Planner Software:

  • Unlimited Sub Admin/ Employee/ Call Center Executive Account
  • Unlimited Trip Organizer Account
  • Unlimited B2C user Account
  • Manage Different Categories and Type of Trip
  • Booking Report Management
  • Auto Email / SMS Reminder
  • 2- Step Verification for Secure Login
  • Currency Management
  • Language Library
  • CRM
  • CMS
  • Email Template Management
How Amadeus, Travelport, Sabre are important for agencies in Turkey, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia?
Success of online booking systems including airline reservation system depends on the type of inventory and pricing. GDS systems like Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre provide singular access to top inventory and thus better deals for end clients.
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