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Hotel API

Hotel APIs bring many advantages to travel agents and OTA platforms, granting them instant access to real-time information on hotel-related data such as room availability, pricing, location, and customer reviews. This data can be utilized to develop user-friendly hotel booking platforms and itinerary travel planners. Hotel APIs allow developers to build applications with all-encompassing hotel-related services, ultimately enhancing the overall experience for travelers. Here are some methods of how Hotel APIs can benefit the travel industry.
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By accessing existing hotel data through APIs, developers can avoid creating their own data sources, freeing up their time and resources to concentrate on enhancing the user experience of their applications. With Hotel APIs, developers can design custom and personalized hotel booking experiences tailored to meet the unique demands of their users. Users can, for instance, search for hotels based on specific amenities or locations, check real-time availability, and compare prices across various hotels.
By enabling developers to create new and innovative hotel-related applications,

Hotel APIs

can help facilitate the growth of the travel industry. This can lead to increased competition, improved services, and better prices for travelers. Hotel API provides users access to multiple hotels and accommodation options, enabling them to compare prices and find the best deals. This can be especially helpful for budget-conscious travelers looking for affordable alternatives.
For developers who create applications related to hotels, Hotel APIs are a critical tool. They furnish real-time data that can be utilized to construct easy-to-use booking platforms and travel planners. The advantages of Hotel APIs extend to the travel industry, as they enable savings in time and resources, enhance the user experience, foster growth, and present multiple options for travelers.
Hotel API
About Hotel API
Hotel APIs, or application programming interfaces, serve as intermediaries that facilitate communication and data exchange between travel-related applications, services, and systems. They offer developers a standardized way to access and integrate information and features from various travel providers, including hotels, airlines, car rental companies, travel agencies, and more. With travel APIs, developers can build travel-related services and applications that allow users to search, compare, and book travel options, obtain real-time pricing and availability information, and offer a range of other travel-related features and services. These APIs can be utilized to create websites, mobile apps, or other software solutions for the travel industry. Some popular travel API include those from airlines such as Delta, American, and United, hotel chains like Marriott and Hilton, and travel booking platforms like and Expedia.
List of the Best Hotel APIs for IATA and Non IATA Agents.
Below is the list of top hotel API providers (2023) as per geography and contents. Check top

hotel API India

and worldwide as following -
Hotelbeds Hotel API

Hotel Booking API

, a significant component of the Hotelbeds API system, is designed to simplify the hotel booking process. With the capability to book hotels in just two steps, this API provides a fast and efficient way to search and book hotels. Using the Hotel Content API in conjunction with the Availability & Rates API, travel agencies, online travel agents, and tour operators can access a broad range of hotel information. The Hotel Content API provides data such as hotel descriptions, photos, amenities, and services, while the Availability & Rates API offers updated information on hotel prices and availability. By utilizing these APIs, businesses in the travel industry can furnish their clients with a broad selection of hotels.
The Hotel Booking API is a flexible and user-friendly solution that can be easily integrated into existing systems and customized to meet the specific needs of any business. It comes equipped with a comprehensive set of tools that enable enterprises to manage bookings effectively and multiple options for payments and cancellations. This makes the Hotel Booking API a powerful and indispensable tool for companies operating in the travel industry.
Provab Technosoft is a leading travel GDS provider and along with its IATA accredited fully owned subsidiary, it helps you to maximize your need of travel inventory through a single unified travel booking API connection while providing rich flight contents aggregated through several IATA and Non IATA consolidators. Provab hotel APIs XML suite includes flight API, hotel API, car API, transfer API and sightseeing API. Hotel API offers a range of APIs that developers can use to access and interact with the platform's vast inventory of accommodations. Developers can enhance their websites and applications by integrating functionality with these APIs. Additionally, offers Travel APIs, which provide access to a wide range of travel-related information, such as destination details, attraction information, and transportation options.
Developers can use these APIs to create travel planning applications that enable users to explore new destinations and book travel experiences. also provides extensive documentation for its Travel APIs, including code samples and API reference guides, to help developers get started quickly. The APIs are designed to be highly flexible and scalable, enabling developers to build applications that cater to the unique needs of their users.
Expedia Hotel APIs
Expedia is a leading online travel company that provides APIs for travel information and booking services. Expedia's
Rapid API
is a platform that gives access to Expedia's travel APIs. The platform is made easy for developers to access and integrate Expedia's travel information and booking services into their websites. With Rapid API, developers can access various travel information and services, including flights, hotels, car rentals, and activities. The APIs provided by Rapid API are easy to use, scalable, and reliable, ensuring a smooth integration process and a high level of performance. Rapid API provides various tools and resources to help developers get started, including documentation, code samples, and support.
With Expedia's APIs, developers can access real-time information and make bookings directly through the API. The APIs are designed to be easy to use and scalable, allowing for a smooth integration process and a high level of performance. The information provided by the Expedia APIs is updated frequently to ensure that developers have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information available.
Hotelspro Hotel API
HotelsPro is a
JSON-based API
that facilitates access to up-to-date information on hotels, facilities, properties, destinations, regions, room availability, booking, cancellations, and more. Hotelspro APIs enable travel companies to access a large selection of hotel properties and flight information from a single source. The APIs can be integrated into a travel company's website or mobile app, allowing them to offer their customers a seamless and comprehensive travel booking experience. The APIs provide real-time hotel and flight availability, pricing, and reservation information.
Using Hotelspro APIs, travel companies can also access a wide range of advanced features, including dynamic packaging, multi-language support, currency conversion, and more. Hotelspro's APIs are backed by robust security measures to protect sensitive customer data.
WebBeds Hotel API
WebBeds is a B2B travel provider that provides developers APIs to access its global hotel inventory. These APIs allow developers to integrate WebBeds' hotel data into their applications. The WebBeds Hotel APIs, which include the Hotel API, Booking API, Content API, and Geolocation API, provide access to global hotel inventory, availability, pricing, and content, and allow developers to create, modify, and cancel hotel bookings for their customers.
The Content API gives developers access to WebBeds' hotel content, including descriptions, amenities, and images. The Geolocation API provides developers with access to WebBeds' geolocation data, enabling them to search for hotels based on proximity to a particular location. With these APIs, developers can build custom travel booking applications or enhance existing ones with WebBeds' extensive hotel inventory.
Bonotel Hotel API
Bonotel is a hotel
wholesale supplier that offers APIs
(Application Programming Interfaces) for developers to access its hotel inventory and integrate it into their own applications. Bonotel's APIs include the Hotel API, Booking API, Destination API, and Room Mapping API. The Hotel API enables developers to access Bonotel's hotel inventory, including availability, pricing, and content. The Booking API allows developers to create, modify, and cancel hotel bookings on behalf of their customers. The Destination API provides developers with access to Bonotel's destination content, including descriptions and images. The Room Mapping API gives developers access to Bonotel's room mapping data, which maps hotel rooms to third-party booking channels. Developers can offer innovative trip booking applications using Bonotel's APIs or improve already-existing ones by adding Bonotel's hotel inventory.
Travco Hotel API
Travco has developed several APIs, including the Hotel API, Tour API, Transfer API, and Activity API, where developers can get access and integrate its services. The APIs provide access to Travco's hotel, tour, transfer, and activity inventory, including availability, pricing, itineraries, and content. Developers can use these APIs to create custom travel reserve applications or enhance existing ones with Travco's travel products and services inventory.
The APIs provided by GIATA are web-based interfaces that allow developers to integrate GIATA's extensive hotel and destination content into their travel applications. These APIs include the Hotel Content API, Multilanguage Hotel Content API, Destinations API, and Codes API. The Hotel Content API provides access to hotel descriptions, images, and location data. The Multilanguage Hotel Content API enables the retrieval of hotel content in multiple languages. The Destinations API provides access to destination content, while the Codes API offers standardized codes for hotels, destinations, and other travel-related content. Developers can use these APIs to create custom travel applications or enhance existing ones with GIATA's content.
Hotel APIs
Rentalcars APIs provides web-based APIs for developers to access and integrate its car rental inventory into their applications. The available APIs include the Car Hire Search API, Booking API, and Manage Booking API. The Car Hire Search API allows developers to search and retrieve car rental inventory from, while the Booking API enables them to create, modify, and cancel car rental bookings. The Manage Booking API allows developers to retrieve, modify, and cancel existing bookings.
By integrating these APIs into their applications, developers can offer their users a wide range of car rental options and inventory, providing a seamless customer booking experience.
TripAdvisor APIs
TripAdvisor APIs are web-based interfaces provided by the popular travel website TripAdvisor. These APIs enable developers to access and integrate TripAdvisor's travel-related content, including reviews, ratings, and photos, into their applications. The available APIs include the Content API, Review API, and Location API. Using these APIs, developers can create custom travel applications or enhance existing ones with TripAdvisor's comprehensive content, allowing their users to make informed decisions when planning their travel experiences. This provides a seamless and personalized user experience for travelers, who can easily access reviews, ratings, and other helpful travel information.
Hotel API Integration Process & Work Flow
Our hotel API integration team and framework experts provide extensive support during APIs integration and live certification. They let you leverage the ready codes and libraries to complete the api integration sooner than expected. You are assured of full scale OTA or mobile application to build rapid growth in travel booking vertical.
The Travelfusion Direct Connect XML API system offers a wealth of features and integration options, enabling a direct connection between a system and Travelfusion's online booking system. With up-to-date availability and fully automated booking processes, this system provides customers with various options, control, and flexibility. The constantly updated system is supported by a technical support team, making access easy.
Sandbox Access
Post API contract signoff, agency code is created. Same time, sandbox and test credentials are sent to client’s developers. One can access travel apis for developers section and get all details.
Web Services Integration
Developers get the integration kit and they can start integrating travel XMLs on their platform in a seamless way.
Test Cases Evaluation
Post flight web services integration, test cases are sent to client’s developers to validate the logic of application or mobile app.
Live Credentials
On approval of all test cases, followed by few airline bookings in test environment, live credentials are granted to set the application live.
Hotel API India
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Its a matter of pride for me to recommend anyone to feel the know - how of this journey with the amazing team of PROVAB. We are overwhelmed and happy to share our experience with PROVAB right from the CEO Mr. Anand Shukla to every team member, who were part of this project from beginning including Rajneesh and Rahul. Great work guys.

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Why travel portals and online booking software are going for merchant accounts and mcommerce way?
A merchant account is a specific bank account intended to hold funds, received from credit and debit card sales through online payment interfaces on B2C travel software and Travel POS. If you've ever used your card and actually wondered where the funds just disappeared to, they went into a merchant account. When a customer pays for booking travel products using credit or debit card, money from his account is immediately transferred to the travel agent's merchant account. From there, money will be transferred out to a normal business bank account through a standard protocol.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A Hotel API provides access to a hotel's inventory, which includes availability, pricing, and content. Developers can use this information to create custom hotel booking applications or enhance existing ones. The API allows users to easily search and compare hotels and retrieve detailed information on amenities, locations, and other essential details. The API can also enable users to book and manage hotel reservations directly through the application.
A Hotel API provides developers with web-based interfaces to access a hotel's inventory of rooms, rates, and availability. These interfaces use standard communication protocols and authentication features to ensure authorized access. Developers can use the API to search, retrieve, create, modify, or cancel reservations, making it easy to manage hotel bookings directly through the application.
A Hotel API provider is a company or organization that offers a Hotel API to developers, enabling them to access and integrate the hotel's inventory into their applications. Some examples of hotel API providers include large global travel companies like Expedia,, and Airbnb, smaller regional hotel chains, and independent hotels that offer their APIs to facilitate direct bookings. Other companies that provide hotel APIs include technology providers such as Sabre and Amadeus, specializing in travel industry technology solutions.
  • Access to a hotel's inventory of rooms, rates, and availability
  • Ability to search and retrieve information on available rooms, rates, and other details
  • Capability to create, modify, or cancel reservations directly through the API
  • Integration with other travel-related APIs, such as flight and car rental APIs, to offer complete travel solutions
  • Customization options for developers to create unique user experiences and branded interfaces
  • Availability of authentication and security features to ensure authorized access
  • Real-time data updates and availability to provide up-to-date information to users
  • Easy integration with existing applications and platforms, such as websites, mobile apps, and booking engines.
  • Provision of analytics and reporting capabilities for developers to track usage and bookings.
  • Access to a large scale of hotel inventory
  • Real time availability
  • Customization
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased Revenue Opportunities
  • Reporting and Tracking option
  • Improved Customer Experience
When selecting a hotel API, it's crucial to consider various factors, such as the provider's support for API integration and regional reservation options, as well as the availability of different modules like hotel, flight, and car rental reservations. Additionally, verifying whether the provider offers accurate and comprehensive documentation for their API is essential. Other important considerations include the reliability and uptime of the API, as well as the pricing structure and associated fees or commissions.
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