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TravelPort Travel Software

Travelport Universal API offers an array of travel content on air, hotel, car, rail and ancillary-service provider capabilities for travel software. The technological innovation provided by travelport helps in the growth of the travel sector. This is achieved by connecting the travel agencies to more number of inventories and helping in easy and smooth online booking for the different travel sectors. The travel software uses a single source for the online travel deals and online travel data. Travelport is the vast travel commerce platform which provides distribution, technology, payment and other solutions for the global travel and tourism industry. The global distribution system provides solutions managing and distributing inventories for airlines, hotels, car-rentals, cruises, railways, bus and vacation rentals through travel software which in turn connects to the inventory and websites of the travel agencies.
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travelport travel software
PROVAB TECHNOSOFT is a global distribution system development company that helps the online travel agencies (OTA) to integrate with the travelport travel software and get connected to the central reservation. As a travel technology company we have the experience of integrating all the three GDS system Galileo, Worldspan and Apollo through web services. This make the system more dynamic providing better rates and better facilities with online airline, hotel, car, rail, transfers and insurance.

Solutions provided by TravelPort GDS System

Rich Content and Branding

Travelport Universal API has rich content and branded fares that are loaded directly by the airlines.

This content allows you to offer a richer customer experience and increase upsell rates. No extra provisioning needed if you are on the latest version of the schema. The implementation is pure front-end development.

Flight Booking Engine

The solution that travelport GDS provides for the flight helps in enhancing the online flight reservation system and connecting the travel agencies software to the inventories that form a part of the travelport global distribution system.

Low Cost Carriers (LCC)

Travelport Universal API provides you with access to a number of Low Cost Carriers (LCCs). LCCs may be available via the Airline Content Hub (ACH) or a GDS provider, like Galileo, depending on Travelport’s API content arrangement with the LCC. “Hybrid” carriers may be available through the GDS but offer additional capability, such as Merchandising, through ACH. Content is aggregated and returned alongside content from the GDSs and other content hubs. Universal API’s single access point provides Low Cost Carrier data, allows for a standardized, end-to-end workflow, and enables you to maintain one API connection instead of multiple direct API connections with a variety of carriers. With Travelport maintaining the connection, you can take advantage of new functionality offered by eachcarrier as Travelport updates Universal API.

Hotel Booking Engine (TravelPort Rooms via Universal API)

The travelport distribution system connects the travel agency software to the independent and chain of hotels that forms a part of the travelport GDS system. This provides the customer with more options and choice both in terms of facilities and price.  

Bus Booking Engine

One important part of the traveler’s journey is the bus travel. The traditional ways of bus reservation has been replaced by online bus booking system and implementing travelport API make the travel agency website connect to numerous bus suppliers with multiple route options.  

Car Booking Engine

For seamless travel services. Travelport offers inventories for car rentals and transfers for travelers. Travel agents can now book for car and transfers in advance while booking for flights or hotels to enjoy a smooth journey.  
Other Booking Engines include online rail booking, online cruise booking, insurance, mobile recharge and many more.  

Benefits of Travelport Computer Reservation System

  • Unlimited distribution capability
  • Time saving
  • Business with Leisure
  • Access to world class technology
  • Increase revenue
  • Global exposure
Why Amadeus software is in great demand among agencies in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and other middle east countries?
Amadeus GDS is known as one of the best global distribution systems across the globe. Amadeus software uses the web services and using which online travel booking systems could be connected with amadeus travel inventory. So basically Amadeus GDS software is travel software connected with Amadeus GDS system.  
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