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Amadeus Travel Software

Amadeus travel software provides technology that helps in growing in the travel sector. It includes moving initial search, accomplishing an online booking, making the best price available, managing the reservations, managing check-ins and management of the departure procedure. Amadeus travel software helps in improving the business solution for the travel agencies, corporations, airlines, hotels, railways, car rental companies, airline companies, cruise lines and ferry operations.
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amadeus travel software
PROVAB TECHNOSOFT, a travel technology development company helps the online travel agencies (OTA) especially IATA agents to integrate with the amadeus travel software and get connected to the amadeus central reservation system. Integrating with amadeus travel software enhances the online booking system of the travel agency website and provide better rates and facilities for the purpose of online flight bookings, hotel bookings, rail bookings, vacation rentals and insurance thus enhancing the chances of providing a better service through technological implementation that helps the travel agent company to grow in the long run.

Main advantage of having Amadeus Travel Solutions for your online travel agency (OTA).

The main advantage of Amadeus GDS integration is that it easily connects to your existing central reservation system and existing inventory and contents.
Amadeus travel software provides solution for airline, hotel, car rentals, railways, travel insurance and travel agencies and thus integrating Amadeus GDS system helps managing and distributing information about airline, hotel, rail and other services from different channels and distribution. The effective integration can lead even a better searches in Meta search engines.
  • Airline – Amadeus is involved in providing IT solution and services which helps in addressing the key operation of the airline industry, like sales, reservation, ticket booking, inventory management, departure control and e-commerce. Along with this Amadeus provides innovative GDS solution which maximizes the value of travel agency distribution. This helps the business to grow, leads to the opening of new revenue stream, increase efficiencies and helps in taking informed business decisions.
  • Hotel- Amadeus helps in linking the independent hotels and small chains and distribute the hotel inventory and make it visible in the leading global distribution system of the world. The Amadeus API acts as a powerful tool for marketing of the hotel properties and its features.
  • Car-Rental- The Amadeus travel software would help in improving the sale of the car-rental companies as Amadeus cars are efficient and easy to use. For the car-rental companies they can make their content viewable through global multichannel technology solution and reach out to multiple customer segment. These technological solutions provided by Amadeus helps in serving the customers in a better manner and in the course enhance the level of customer satisfaction.
  • The other industry sector that amadeus serves includes railways, travel insurance and corporations.

Key benefits of Amadeus GDS system

Among the various travel software, Amadeus is the most preferred by the travel agents. The travel agents across the globe use Amadeus integration for the purpose of booking flight, car rentals, holiday packages, hotels, cruise and other travel booking. The Amadeus software connects the leading travel service provider in the travel industry and provides you to choose from many options. If a travel agency wants to grow, it is very essential to integrate a robust global distribution system and Amadeus GDS software would be the best option.

The other key benefits of associated with travel business and OTA are:

  • Unlimited distribution capability
  • Time saving
  • Implementation of Bleisure (business and leisure)
  • Access to Amadeus technology
  • Increase revenue
  • Global recognition
Virtual reality adds value to travel technology and global tourism industry.
Virtual reality (VR) is providing an entirely new experience to the travelers. With the help of VR headsets, people indulge in the travel experience offered by 360-degree video, sensory elements and panoramic photos. This helps travelers to make wise decisions regarding holiday packages, airline reservations, car hire or bus ticket booking on various OTA travel portals. This is why travel technology companies are using VR as a component in upcoming OTA portals.
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