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Abacus Travel Software

Abacus is a leading travel technology provider which has come up with technological innovation for meeting the changing needs of the travel agents and travel suppliers. Abacus travel software has given a new dimension to the travel mediators like travel agents, tour operators and reservation system operators. Abacus GDS (global distribution system) and Abacus API integration enable the travel agencies to enjoy enhanced productivity and efficiency for the purpose of meeting the business needs.
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abacus travel software
PROVAB TECHNOSOFT is one of the well-known names among the travel portal development companies and specializes in building online reservation system for the travel agencies. Integration with the abacus travel software helps the travel agents to get connected to more inventories related to airlines, hotels, car-rentals, cruise, bus booking and rail booking. The custom reporting module and CRM module developed by our GDS developers facilitates smooth operation of the travel agency system.

Key features of Abacus GDS system:

  • Powerful search capability and sorting functionality
  • Unique capability of rate negotiation
  • Convenient Geo-coding
  • Graphical user interface in enhanced form
  • Enhanced potential commission
  • Seamless integration

Key features of Abacus hotel system software:

Abacus hotel is one of the elements of Abacus travel software and comprises of 100, 000 hotel properties that is spread across 300 chains globally. The features associated with Abacus hotel includes
  • Real- time room availability
  • Comprehensive room rate
  • Instant room confirmation
  • Connectivity which is available 24/7
  • Direct connect availability
  • direct connect shop

Benefits of Abacus Global Distribution System:

Innovative technological implementation has helped Abacus travel software as the foremost choice of travel agencies and the travel companies. The Abacus travel software has many benefits associated with it.
  • Abacus travel software enhance the sales for the travel agencies and the travel companies
  • The inventories are adjusted instantly, letting the travel agencies to know the products available for sale
  • Real time reporting helps in easy management of inventories
  • The travel agencies have the benefit of customizing the solution
  • Helps in increase revenue and bring in repeated business
Abacus travel software has given rise to a computerized reservation system catering to the needs of the customers and the travel agents. Abacus travel software makes it quick and easy for the travel agencies to connect to the different suppliers in the travel sector.
How have travel portal solutions helped agencies to expand globally?
The process of online bookings has many advantages. For both the travelers and the travel agencies, it saves time and effort. Therefore, the traditional practices like visiting the travel agent’s place to make flight reservations or any other related services are no more used. Leading agencies are going for travel portal development with GDS Amadeus and APIs to set up b2c and b2b portals with online booking engines.
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